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About TERI

A native Texan, Teri has made The Pacific Northwest her home since 1990. 

Before moving to Oregon, Teri co-founded a consumer protection, non-profit corporation that helped to change automobile leasing and purchasing laws in the state of Washington.

She pursued an education concentrating on Political Science, American History, English, and Business. 

After raising many children, being a foster parent, and helping co-run a general contracting business, Teri is now chasing her love of travel, photography, motorcycles, writing, and adventure. 

One of her YouTube channels, The Tattooed Biker Chick,  concentrates on her passion for riding , the biker lifestyle, and she openly speaks about mental health issues that are too often overlooked in today's society.

Her current plans include traveling as much as possible by motorcycle and documenting experiences of life, people, culture, and the adventures she encounters around the world. 

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